We came across this beautiful American song about Irish linen from 1972, and it couldn't be prettier. Seals and Croft were a soft rock duo from Texas although this is a particular mellow folk composition. They tell us they were more in love with the girl than her Irish linen but I think they were certainly infatuated enough by it to write a captivating song detailing it. 

'Irish Linen' Lyrics

by Seals & Crofts

Met a girl in Leningrad, she wasn't bad and I might add
I found it such a pleasure to be near her
Just to hear her call my name
She was so fair and she wore Irish linen in her hair

She lived in the valley wide, a country ride from my side
I spent most of my time thinking of her
How I loved her, such a shame
I'm not there to touch the Irish linen in her hair

Irish linen, memories not bad
Green and red make me sad
Irish linen, I would be so glad, green and red
I could have had her for my own

Katie Larmour