Irish born Katie Larmour trained as an applied artist at the University of Ulster School of Art and Design in Belfast and is a member of the the British European Design Group, the Ulster Society of Women Artists, Craft NI, the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, the Crafts Council of England, Belfast Design Salon and an associate member of the Irish Linen Guild. After graduation she worked as an art and antiques dealer for eight years prior to setting up Katie Larmour Design in 2014. The Katie Larmour Design Studio specialises in exclusive and unique cushions.

There are two strands to her line of cushions, vintage cushions from salvaged luxury fabrics and contemporary Irish Linen creations. As part of a sustainability project a set of re-claimed vintage and antique designer silk scarves, of bold and beautiful pattern, were re-used as cushion fronts, backed by Irish linen, celebrating and appreciating already existing materials and thus promoting eco-friendly production. She travels all around the world constantly from Europe to Asia and North and South America to personally hand pick original and rare fabrics which she transforms into her range of unique home furnishings. 

The backs are 100% pure Irish linen, a world-famous textile, supplied by one of the last remaining linen mills still active in Ireland weaving cloth solely from flax fibres. This unique and entirely natural backing provides a luxurious but very durable foil to the more luminous colours of the richly patterned silks on the front. All the cushions and pillows are artisan-made, created in Ireland in our studio in Belfast, filled with plush duck feathers and down, lined with 100% natural bamboo for softness, and secured with hidden zip dress closures. These beautifully hand- crafted items of unusual patterning, tasteful colouring, and exquisite finish and are works of art in themselves as well as being functional and will enhance any bijou interior, traditional or contemporary. 

Her other line of cushions - The Contemporary Heritage Collection - are beautifully crafted unique creations of sculpted cloth and patchwork, in her hallmark oatmeal-toned undyed Irish linen which is the natural shade of the flax plant itself. Her original signature 'bow' and 'rose' cushions won her a place at New York Design Week in 2015 and she exhibited her work as a 'celebrated maker' at the first ever Irish Linen Biennale in summer 2018.

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