Irish Linen Guild, KL Design Ireland Luxury Cushions

The Irish Linen Guild logo marks a stamp of prestige on a product. Since 1928 it has been the official organisation for the Irish Linen Industry here in Ireland. Recognised by the 'carpet beater symbol’ it was set up to promote and protect the quality name of Irish Linen both internationally and at home. It’s a trademark, a brand of distinctive quality, and it can only be used to mark genuine Irish linen products such as linen yarn spun in Ireland and linen fabrics woven in Ireland by members of the Guild. At KL Design Ireland we are proud to be a member by association as we purchase all our linen from suppliers who are leading members. 

Irish linen is known across the world for it’s desirability. We love to celebrate our heritage and creativity through a love of genuine Irish Linen and hope you do too. 

The Irish Linen Guild recommends Katie Larmour Design for authentic Irish Linen products, see their website here.