our irish linen story

Irish linen has always been around me, from my childhood in Northern Ireland right through to the present day, from unknowingly sitting on an old spinning stool as a child in my grandmother’s house to eating off her intricately patterned damask tablecloth. Growing up I could see a host of huge linen mills and factory chimneys across the city skyline. When cotton production was suppressed at the start of the 18th century my ancestors, the Larmour family, came to Ireland with a great influx of French Huguenots who brought with them their new tools and techniques and artisan skills to firmly establish the linen industry in the North of Ireland, and see it rise to a become a world leader in textiles. This is the tradition to which I am adding my particular vision. 

Our neutral palate is very simple, the combination of classic pristine white and natural undyed oatmeal is a signature of Katie Larmour Design. Made from the flax plant, Irish Linen is also an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to fabrics that use fertilisers and pesticides, it needs little water and the whole plant is used making it a waste free crop - basically grown as a weed it is transformed into the most luxurious of fabrics today. 

Our cushions are artisan as each piece is handmade in Ireland, beautifully constructed and sewn with care and precision using the best quality linens. In a world of mass production and throw away fashions each cushion produced is unique, every single one being a one-of-a-kind beauty. We create dramatic yet elegant showpieces that would fit perfectly into a classic or contemporary interior.  Our pieces are inspired by a mixture of couture fashion, patchwork farmland, shapes of the artistic 'De Stijl' and ‘Suprematism’ movements, history and nature..

'You can never really go wrong if you take nature as an example.'  Christian Dior

Katie Larmour Irish Linen Flax Field Northern Ireland Blue Flower Belfast Linen Biennale