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Competition Piece - Archive





Custom made one-of-a-kind quilted bed runner. 


100% pure Irish Linen with wool wadding and finished with hand stitched binding.

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A bespoke and handmade one-of-a-kind creation. A revival of both Irish Linen and quilting tradition in a modern, contemporary way. 

Labour intensive and constructed by hand each blanket produced is unique, every single one being a one-of-a-kind beauty.

The stunning combination of pristine white and natural oatmeal is a signature of KL Design Ireland’s designs. 

The fresh and clean white compliments the crisp raw natural colour wonderfully and their alternating textures contrast beautifully too.

Using the highest quality fabric, soft with subtle texture and crisp structure from natural fibres of the flax plant. The sharp, clean, medium weight linen has a tightly pressed weave and been run through rollers for a classic slight sheen giving it it’s exquisite qualities.

A fashionable return for natural material makes Irish linen is a desirable choice. 

One of nature's strongest vegetable fibres, it can last thousands of years. Flax is also an eco-friendly alternative to crops that use fertilisers and pesticides, basically grown as a weed it is transformed into the most luxurious of fabrics today noted for it’s elegance. The whole plant is used making it a waste free crop.

The craft of quilting came to Ireland by the English in the 18th century. It was originally a past time for society ladies but it soon expanded down the classes. Scraps from old clothes, including linens, were used on the fronts, flour bags were saved, washed and bleached to use as the backing, and sometimes no wadding could be afforded for the middle. The tradition thrived on thrift and necessity for warmth for generations. Hand pieced and machine quilted, often patterned with the signature ‘Irish chain’, they looked bright and cheerful in the dark cottages.  

Our design is influenced by ‘De Stijl’ artistic movement (Dutch for "The Style”) in the early 20th century consisting of architectural abstraction, and growing up in a house surrounded by framed ‘Wendingen' magazines on the walls, detailing unusual and superbly designed covers. 

Our designs are inspired these as well as shapes and forms found in nature.  

Through skilled workmanship this complex pattern is less country home and more Scandi chic. A luxury adornment to ones bedspread it is a unique piece of home decor and the ultimate artisan showpiece. All the pieces in the collection are calm and serene in their neutral palette.  


Materials: pure 100% Irish linen, 3 layers of 100% natural wool/cotton/bamboo inside 

Size: 93“ x 24“ designed for a King double bed (can also be made in a slightly smaller suitable for a Queen sized bed 77” x 24”)

Colour: White and natural oatmeal

Care: Dry-clean

Era: Contemporary

Custom Order: can be made in a variety of sizes, and in a couple of shades of linen

Price: this differs depending on the size and fabric used


Made In Ireland


Safety: 100% natural fibres and natural thread and can be fire retardant treated if need be