I didn't even have to pass the the front door to be inspired by the Ulster Museum. Our iconic and well loved building sits proudly within the lush Botanical Gardens in Stranmillis, Malone. It's a place I am very fond of, from Sunday afternoon visits as a child mesmerised by ‘Peter’ the stuffed polar bear to spending a 6 month University placement behind the scenes, assisting with cataloging the ceramics and applied art collections and exploring every department (it’s a fascinating place!). 

This imposing large metal structure - ’New Metal Piece' by Barry Flanagan 1978 - greets you when you head for the entrance. It's minimalist form takes the shape of a protruding triangle and swirl. Sitting opened out like a giant piece of paper origami, it's posture is heavy and powerful. Appearing like it's been neatly cut out from a single sheet it balances with satisfying proportion and compliments the magnificent architecture behind, an interesting fusion of brutalism and classical. 

These simple yet stunning shapes inspired our ‘Rosaline’ and ‘Orla’. Orla is calm and precise with clean lines and no distracting pipping along the edges that interfere with it’s poise. The qualities of the Irish linen can truly be appreciated in this way, the contrast of textures between the rougher oatmeal and the classic white with a subtle beaten sheen are exquisite. One of our signature artisan pieces at KL Design Ireland is Rosalind. Constructed by hand each skilfully crafted flower cushion is unique, every single one being a one-of-a-kind beauty. It’s movement is unrestricted and it’s edges raw and dainty. The two designs perfectly compliment each other just as the elements in the sculpture do. 


KL Design Ireland Irish Linen Ulster Museum
Ulster Museum Kl Design Ireland Irish Linen
Katie Larmour