Our couture cushion created from a vintage Hermes scarf in classic olive green and ornate antique gold, backed with pure Irish Linen in the natural rustic colour of the flax plant, is to perfectly compliment the sumptuous decor inside the iconic Hilhaven Lodge which rests in Benedict Canyon Drive Los Angeles. The exquisite Arts and Crafts style house, currently owned and lived in by movie mogul Brett Ratner, has been featured in Elle Decor for it’s breathtaking and tasteful design. Built as the entertainment quarters of a mansion by Hoover Dam architect Gordon B. Kaufmann in 1927, it became the first house ever owned by Ingrid Bergman and has continued to have a colourful life. We are delighted that our couture cushion (‘pillow’ to our American friends) will take its majestic place alongside the fabulous array of Rodins, Giacomettis and Warhols, no doubt centrepiece on the matching plush golden sage green velvet sofa display, and think it will fit in very well with it’s new luxury surroundings. The essence of the Craftsman movement was high quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and the importance of aesthetic over mass production, we feel there is a natural synergy here with our unique handcrafted artisan made one-of-a-kind piece. 


Katie Larmour