FINTAN (sample sale)

FINTAN (sample sale)




Large Handcrafted Irish Linen Piecework Cushion

By designer-maker Katie Larmour



100% pure Irish Linen from the flax plant

21 x 21 inches (approx 53 x 53 cm), including decorative edges

Made to order

Colours in our signature combination of natural undyed oatmeal and classic pristine white

Backed in white Irish Linen 

Filled with a plush duck feather insert

Made in Ireland



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The Concept 

Our colour palate is very simple, its neutral tones connecting to the earth, conveying a serene and timeless purity. It creates a vision of light, airy, fresh, calm and peaceful surroundings, perfect for a beach house in the Hamptons. The rawness of the Irish linen texture captures the essence of nature and our rich heritage. Our cushions look their best just that tiny little bit wrinkly. 



Each piece has been carefully constructed with precision and attention to detail using natural fibres, that is natural cloth, natural thread, natural lining and high quality duck feather and down fillers. We embrace traditional handmade artisan skills so each cushion has a precious individual beauty. Our technique has a minimalist purity of form evident in the subtle seam-lines and unfinished raw edging which accentuates the grain and texture of the linen. The design of the fine layered edging allows gentle movement in the delicately fluttering ruffles that dictate their own shape once placed.



Inspiration for this collection of contemporary designs comes from a various places, from couture fashion and nature to linen production methods. This beautiful artisanal cushion is bordered with multiple layered trimming. These strips of linen in the side detail are a reflection of the ‘bleaching greens’, a feature of the old production process of Irish Linen in the C19, where row upon row of long lengths of fabric were laid out on fields to be whitened by the sunlight. Here the pattern has been translated into minimalist motifs of abstracted line and block form. We are also influenced by the shapes and forms of the pioneering modern abstract art movements De Stijl and Suprematism in which a poetic geometric purity is evident. 

The finish of this piece reminds us of the words of Sonia Rykiel - 

'People said making clothes inside out was not proper. I disagreed, because clothes that are inside out are as beautiful as a cathedral.’


What Makes Irish Linen So Special

Known as ‘the aristocrat of textiles’ and referred to as ‘white gold’ it really is a superb and unique fabric. Katie Larmour Design studio is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the home of the Irish Linen industry. Ireland was the world leader at the height of linen production a century ago, and what once was a cottage industry and then turned large scale, has now come full circle. Irish linen is again produced in small quantities today to a luxury niche market. We are passionate about keeping this wonderful textile alive. To add to its desirability in this modern world of today Irish Linen has plenty of appealing eco-friendly properties: it is cultivated using little water, without fertilisers or pesticides; it is sustainable and the whole of the natural plant is used making it a waste-free crop. Basically grown as a weed it is transformed into the most luxurious of fabrics today. The oatmeal colour is unique in that it is a mixture of the unbleached raw colour of the natural flax plant on the weft intertwined with white on the warp, resulting in a beautiful mottled effect. All our Irish Linen is certified by the Irish Linen Guild. 


Order Notes: 

Lead time estimated one week.


Trade Notes:

This design will always be available in oatmeal and white.

The reverse colour scheme to the one photographed can also be ordered as an equally beautiful alternative, with an oatmeal body and white layered edges.

International customers may inquire for a cushion cover only, without fillers, if preferred.